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My Video Ad Pays is a unique concept. Basically it is an advertising agency who shares his commission with their members. Ever since the beginning, our goal has been to connect people in a unique and powerful way never seen before. It has been working on advertising videos in business processes with high financial yield since 2010. It is simple, efficient and easy to earn without any effort and experience.

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General Info

When you buy advertising plans, we will proposed to you that you will buy one or more advertising plans with different sectors like Health, Travel Electronics, Informatics and Mobile Applications etc. Value of each plan is 50$ and will generate your REVENUE SHARE from every day. The minimum purchase is one plan and maximum purchase is 150 plans.

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Three types of sponsors are there. Who will invest $50 then he will called Builder, who will invest $100 then he will called Director and who will invest $150 then he will called Ambassador. Joining will be free for all sponsors.

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Minimum Withdrwal As Low As Usd 50$ Directly To Your E-CURRENCY ACCOUNT

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